Candle Care


1. Do burn the candle for roughly two hours during its first burn. This will ensure that the entire first layer of wax becomes liquid and then resolidifies. If you don’t burn the candle for long enough, only the area immediately around the wick will melt. This can lead to tunneling, in which only the center of the candle burns down, leaving a ring of hard wax about the outside of the candle.

2. Don’t burn the candle for more than four hours at a time. Once you get past the four-hour mark, the wax begins to super heat, which can reduce the candle’s scent. It also contributes to the creation of smoke, which marks up the candle’s container and further messes with the scent.

3. Do recenter the wick if it moves or bends over. If you notice the candle wick has moved during burning, blow out the flame and let the candle cool. Then, use your fingers, tweezers  to move it towards the center and straighten it up. Keeping the wick trimmed short will also help stop it from falling over.

4. Don’t leave the candle in a drafty area. Stray breezes cause the candle to burn unevenly and can even put the flame out completely. Stay away from vents, fans, open windows, AC units and any other locations where the flame might be exposed.

5. Do keep the top of your candle clean and dust-free. If you’re not burning your candle often the top will accumulate dust and other particles. Storing it in a covered cabinet or replacing the lid can help keep the top clear. 
6.Keeping the candle wick trimmed helps control the amount of melted wax that the candle has access to, which helps limit the amount of soot it creates. The trimmed wick also helps the candle burn more evenly, controlling the soot and prolonging the life of the candle.
7.Every time you burn a candle for four hours, extinguish the flame and let the candle cool to room temperature. This usually takes about two hours for larger candles. Then, trim the candle wick down to one-fourth inch before relighting again. You can use scissors at the beginning, but as the candle burns down it will be easier to use nail clippers or even an official wick trimmer.
8.Small action of trimming the wick can help prolong the life of your candle by as much as 25 percent and keep it looking nice.