About Us

B. Worthy AromaZ
BWA was established in the historical Birmingham, Alabama and officially launched as a business in March 2021. The passion for candles has always been a simple obsession which eventually brewed a vast collection of the waxed scented jars of perfection. The collection started at 60 jars which was quickly indulged into over the course of 6 month in which you guessed the collection was gone before it was realized. The obsession quickly transpired into the unquenchable yearn to gain knowledge on how to create them from start to finish. The ambition stems from the foundation of creating a legacy that will be plentiful and can be handed down from my children to further generations. The transition from Corporate America to a fulltime entrepreneur changed the perspective as well as created a new purpose and outlook on life. B. Worthy AromaZ catalyzed the faith and determination to know the business would be successful and now products are being utilized in over 14 states across the nation.The mission for B. Worthy AromaZ is to make the safest and the best products to satisfy our customers “scentual” needs.